Urgent help for medical insurance assistance abroad. They’ve refused to pay

I need urgent help.to assist my brother who is in intensive care in Brazil. Below is a copy of the letter I wrote which explains most of the situation. Any help would be appreciated as we have tried all avenues and Foreign office to no avail.

Dear Sirs

I am writing to you regarding the refusal by the underwriters to provide financial assistance to support my brothers urgent medical care needs in Brazil.

I am requesting (consent has been provided to myself by his next of Kin) for written confirmation, via email immediately, of the reasons as to why you have declined to uphold your insurance duties.

After studying the the policy terms and conditions that include over 100 pages which relate to the levels of cover, we have concluded that Christopher was not made fully aware of the differing terms and conditions by yourselves and that this is not visible or understandable to any person. An example of this is that the policy levels differ in no price or premium between each level (we have just applied to buy these online and so can prove this) and so this has indicated that you have mislead any purchaser who has obtained a policy from yourselves. If you yourselves are able to identify any monitory difference between the levels then I am willing to pay for this.

I am aware of the new rules that relate to insurance companies and the fact that ‘they cant reject your claim if you took reasonable care to answer all their questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge’ .

Sadly for Christopher, he is not able to argue or defend himself in terms of what he was led to believe he had purchased as he remains critical and unconscious with no prospect of improving until he receives the urgent treatment he needs.

Christopher has truly believed that he was covered and has not attempted to deceive or defraud any insurance company, as he had obtained various differing policies and documents in order to protect against every eventuality for his well planned trip. He has not and would not have purchased a policy that he was aware related to usage of a motorbike below 125cc as this was a ‘motorbike’ road trip, not a day out on a scooter.

We know that ‘World of Nomads’ is underwritten by Lloyds group and that as one of the largest companies in this field, they have the money and experience to challenge what is being asked of them, however I would advise that we (family) are in the process of seeking independent legal advice regarding this matter and it will be reported to the FCA. As you have created an unreasonable post sales barrier, I believe that the FCA will indeed take this matter seriously and also I believe that the tabloid and social media may have some interest.

Unfortunately this matter has taken away from the fact that we have a brother who is fighting for his life through no fault of his own (drunken driver has been charged) and as a family we have not been able to focus on him, as a person, due to the issues that have arisen with his medical needs/insurance.

My brother has served in the forces, worker for the local governments and has always ensured that he is independent and insured for every eventuality which is why I/we struggle to accept that he knowingly took this policy and believe that he was ill advised but again he is not in a position to defend himself.

P.S. Please ensure that you provide me with your declination immediately

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