US 18442349752 Netgear Router Support Number


US 18442349752 Netgear Router Number
Really, really want to like the Orbi.

I have an RBK50, one sat. Connected to my Spectrum Arris TG1672G (they provide it, need it for the phone).

History: had Bright House, bought over by Spectrum, same Arris gateway that just doesnt cut it to get across my 3500 sq.ft. home. Bought a Netgear extender . . . brilliant AC1700, pushed signal to where I needed it. Speeds were ok (I pay for 100/10, routinely get 115/12 LAN, 50-60/10 WAN). Given the success of the extender from Netgear, and that I wanted speed and more range, I bought an Orbi.

Connected 12/1 . . . problems started. 2 weeks of every other day with tech support. When it works, its brilliant. Fast, ridiculous range.

When it doesnt . . . well, it doesnt. On an iPad Air and iPad mini will be stable for a few hours then slam, internet issues. Game lag out, you tube videos stop playing, pages wont load. Reset and same thing after time. Latest drivers now have my Roku disconnecting. On the wired side, no issues at all.

Running the latest drivers . . . no luck. Hard resets, checked and unchecked a dozen options, nope. Gateway was in bridge mode, WiFi turned off, no firewall. Had to turn the router portion back on and had no internet issues.

Whats driving the stake in it for me is now, after unplugging the satellite, and still having issues with the router, they want me to RMA the router. . . and even though it is under warranty and not even 30 days installed . . . I HAVE TO PAY FOR SHIPPING!

I think its a problem with my gateway not communicating with the router right, but the techs know best . . .

Thinking of just returning it. Sad, I just want it to work.


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