Using 0% purchase credit cards for PCP balloon payment


I’m trying to save to buy a car once our PCP ends (in OH’s name but it’s primarily my car), and I’m now wondering about paying the balloon payment and buying the car – but I’m not going to be able to save the amount which it would cost and I’m wondering if I could pay the balance with a 0% purchase credit card.

I’m just playing around with ideas ATM as there’s a while to go and I’d have to see if I was approved for a card before committing, but it struck me that it might be a good idea if it was possible – I love the car and I know it’s been well looked after and it should last a lot longer and need less spending on repairs than the ~10 year old car I was thinking I’d be able to afford

June GC £300 – 51.13/ £248.87 – 8.21/ £240.66 – £19.91/ £220.75 – £32.81/ £187.94 – £1.93/ £186.01 – £20.86/ £165.15
Buy a used car/ get out of PCP cycle fund £400/£2400
Cashback YTD £0.80/ claims ‘on ice’ for £9.75 untracked cashback


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