Using Claims Management Company – Car a Write Off – Choices


in brief. OH’s no fault car insurance claim is with a Claims Management Company who have contacted him today to advise the car is a write off. They’ve given him two options to obtain his payout as follows:

“Option 1 – Comprehensive Route – You will revert back to your comprehensive policy, your insurance company will contact you within 48 hours to discuss the value. This is the quickest route, however, we cannot discuss whether your excess will be applicable and your no claims bonus will be affected.

Option 2 – Third Party Route – The independent assessors will contact you within 48 hours to discuss the valuation, If the value is accepted the payment will be requested direct from the third party. However, this route is slightly longer and a time scale cannot be given, however, your excess is not applicable by going this route.

If the value is disputed with the engineers you will automatically revert back to your comprehensive policy to prevent delays on the claim.”

Any views or advice would be appreciated. I just don’t have the experience with this.

Not concerned about the timescales – just want to make sure we choose the better option.

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