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About 2 weeks before my van insurance was due for renewal last year, I rang them up on the Saturday to advise them about my recently diagnosed sleep apnea and that I had informed DVLA who had not made a decision as they were waiting for my medical records. This had the effect of raising my renewal premium to £545, approx a £200 increase. I accepted this and agreed the renewal. On the Monday, while I was on site, the insurance company ( Gladiator ) rang me and told me that my insurance was cancelled. They put me through to their quote department and my premium would now be around £3000 which I declined. I then spent about 4 hours trying to find some one to cover me which I did at a cost of some £900.

If I type into a quotation engine that I have a notifiable medical condition and DVLA is aware with no restrictions, there is no effect on the premium or the number of companies quoting.

My question is, was it reasonable for them to cancel my policy, and if not, what redress do I have as I understand that this stays with me for 15 years. It is costing me around £600 a year extra to have a cancelled insurance on my record.

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