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This is a new one for me.

Used a comparison website for van insurance and the cheapest quote I got was for £296 with City Insurance Group. Clicked their linked and proceeded with the usual questions and paid in full. I’ll mention that again. PAID IN FULL.

Waited for the standard email with docs attached but what I got was an email saying this

“Dear Mr Parker

Many thanks for arranging cover through our website. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you as a new client.

Confirmation Needed Please Call Us on 01962 844 848″

So I did.

They explained this was standard as they much prefer customers to phone them than rather use the internet. No problem I thought and answered the standard questions again.

Then she said, I’ve noted from a credit search that you were made Bankrupt 5 years ago. “Yes” I said.

Then she told me that my insurance had been declined. I had been refused. Steam from my ears and alarm bells ringing I said how the hell does being made Bankrupt 5 years ago affect how I drive. Also I’ve paid in full. Not credit. Not monthly no loan.

This didn’t matter she said. She then amazed me when she said “They do not want your money”

She the proceeded to tell me I could insure with another and gave me a new quote for £780

Of course i told her to stick it. Said they were running bait and switch scam and demanded my money back.

Has anyone had this experience before?

I have contacted the FCA and written an official complaint to City Insurance Group also asking them to forward their response onto the FCA as well as me.

The FCA being impartial explained that an Insurance Company has the right to do this. If so can anyone explain the risk I pose. I paid in full. Bankruptcy doesn’t make you an awful driver.

Now I have to tick that box. EVER BEEN DECLINED INSURANCE. 32 years i have been driving. Never claimed. Never had an accident. Never been refused Insurance either.

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