Van Policy problems


We have always had a van which has 6 years no claims but it should be 9 years (not the issue)
We bought another van which I got quotes on with zero no claims as we would not be switching the no claims. I went with Axa, who set up two identical policies, told me they hadn’t taken the annual payment when they had. So it was a mess from the off. Now they are harassing me for details of the no claims bonus for my other van, which I did send them, but now they want to charge me another £55 because the other van document says 6 years instead of 9, which I will have to sort out with the other insurer. My point to them is that i quoted for zero no claims. How can they expect more money for a clerical error on another vehicle no insured by them for a no claims I made clear would not be switched?


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