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I was redeployed at work due to a restructure and my salary reduced by £3142 per year.

I informed Vanquis of this and i maintained minimum payments.

I also cancelled the Repayment Protection which cost £36 pcm.

They have now stuck me on the highest interest level “to clear the card quicker” & now state my minimum payments are £187 pcm.

I have stated that as i cancelled my repayment protection if i paid the last minimum amount of £162 then i would be clearing the balance just as quickly.

They don’t seem to understand this concept.

They are insisting on £187 per month yet surely its up to me how quick i desire to clear the balance, never missed a payment and have cleared the account previously on 2 occasions.

Has anyone had this done to them by Vanquis or another card provider?

Can you stop them doing it?

Has anyone reclaimed the Repayment Option Plan from them?

They have also failed to reply to a couple of questions i have asked about the statement.



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