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When I applied for a Vanquis card they phoned me and offered a £1500 credit limit with 0% on a balance transfer for the first 12 months.

I accepted the offer and they took the details of the card being balance transferred to Vanquis. Yesterday I got my new card in the post and it said my credit limit was £NaN. I also received a letter saying that my balance transfer could not be completed because I don’t have enough credit.

I haven’t even spent on the card and they are messing me around. My balance on the old card has not moved either. I am worried sick about this because I planned my finances around the offer I was guaranteed when I chose to open the account on the phone. I don’t even know what £NaN means and I fear they have messed my account up or gone back on their original commitment.

Has anyone been through this before and know what to do next? I would like to speak to them on the phone but yesterday they said the department responsible is closed and I tried again today and the whole customer support team are closed. If anyone here has any idea what is going on please help me!


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