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Has anyone had any trouble with Vanquis? I originally applied for an Argos card,but it was Vanquis that were the issuing company.There were fine until I started having repayment issues.I contacted them and told them I was struggling,so,they offered 3 months at £59 which was fine,so after that I got another 3 at £60,again fine,it was agreed again for another 3,but,someone never applied it to my account,needless to say that caused trouble,this happened twice.In May I was offered an income and expenditure form,which I emailed them.No response through all of June,they posted me out a form as well,so,I contacted them to tell them I had emailed one,I was told that what I sent was blank.They received it on the 16th of June,but never informed me I had made an error.So,I filled in paper form and posted it.Got a phone call from them today as I had only made the £60 payment,told them I was waiting on feedback re form.What form? We don’t have it,it was blank.I told them I posted one,they don’t have it.I wasnt impressed by there customer service before this,Im less impressed now.The blank eform I understand,Im not good with attachments,but to say the second copy was lost in the post,is just too much.They don’t seem to be interested in helping customers who are struggling.My friend reckons its a con.Any one got any pointers on this please?



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