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Hi all,

I activated a repayment option plan in 2016, Vanquis froze the accounts interest, I cleared the balance and reduced the limit in 2017 but since worked back up to 600 or so.

They’ve now cancelled the ROP, closed my account and have registered a default on my credit file dating back to September 2016, when the plan was activated.

Is this the normal procedure? Their website literature on the ROP mentions nothing about the termination of the ROP having such consequences. If this was laid out more clearly to me at onset I would have cleared the balance prior to termination.

Many thanks

Originally posted by Ollievanquis

That doesn’t sound ‘normal’.

Is there some information missing?

The whole point of ROP is that it’s suppose to give you breathing space to get your act together. The fact you paid off the balance in 2016 demonstrates you did that.

Have you defaulted (broken the credit agreement) since then?

Have you claimed that ROP was mis-sold to you? If so, I guess they could argue that if ROP wasn’t in place in 2016 you defaulted on the agreement.

On the other hand, it could be a mistake.


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