Virgin Money – dispute transaction?


I have a Virgin Money all-rounder credit card which gives 12 months interest free on purchases + no non-sterling transaction fee + no balance transfer fee.

Travelling in Asia where it was hard to find an English-speaking shop assistant/cashier I was caught by DCC a couple of times and it was a reasonable amount. I would like to dispute these transactions as in reality I wasn’t given a choice to be charged in pounds on in local currency. (The shop assistant kept a POS terminal in his hands all the time).

I’ve tried to contact Virgin Money by secure messaging but didn’t get any reply, just an automatic confirmation email saying they are going to reply within 3 days which they didn’t.

I’ve tried visiting a local Virgin Money store and was told they don’t deal with Credit Cards.

I’ve tried calling the number on the back of the card and after being on hold for some 40 minutes was told that they can’t help as it is for the store to decide.

Any suggestions on how to proceed are very welcome.


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