Virgin Money failed to close account on request


At the beginning of April, I paid off my Virgin credit card so that I could then apply for a better 0% interest credit card and so I could also have a settled payment within my credit report to help improve my score.

I phoned Virgin on 10th April and I was told over the phone that the account had been cleared and that I would receive my closure documents through the post (I received my final statement last week). After being accepted for my new credit card, I have come to find out that Virgin never cancelled my card, it is still active as it appeared on my Experian credit report. Following this, I rang Virgin for them to inform me that the assistant on the phone had failed to properly cancel my account and that they will ring me back by the end of the day as they have escalated the situation. Since cancelling my card, an Amazon prime payment has been taken out of my ‘closed’ account on April 27th. Luckily Amazon are refunding this as it was an error, however, it will take up to 7 days for them to refund me and so Virgin can’t cancel my account before then as my balance is no longer on zero.

I have 2 questions following this:
1. Could having 2 active credit cards affect my credit score at all?
2. Should I expect to receive any form of compensation from Virgin for not fulfilling a request even though I was informed that it had been done? What sort of request would make this situation better?

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