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Morning all,

I’ve been having issues with Virgin and some fraudulent activity for over a month now. At the end of May someone got hold of my cc details (no idea how – Virgin said maybe from using it contactless?) and they made 3 transactions online at Argos, one for £249.99, one for £399.99 and another for £249.99 which didn’t go through as it had maxed my card out. I called them a few days later when I realised and they took it off my account and said they would send a declaration form to sign to say I hadn’t made these transactions. This didn’t come to me and £650 of transactions went back onto my account. I called the on the 3rd of June and they said they would send another letter and to call back on the 13th if i didn’t receive it. I didn’t so I did, so they said on Monday 16th I should receive an email (when fraud got back into work as they had to authorise it being sent by email). I didn’t so I called on Tuesday and was told I would be called at work on Wednesday. I wasn’t and was told that although I called on the 3rd, the second letter was not sent until the 11th. I was also told that on Monday rather than sending by email they sent ANOTHER hard copy. They should be calling again today which will be the 6th phone call (last nights call was an hour long) and I’ve told them I will be complaining so the lady I spoke to last night said I should have an idea of what kind of monetary compensation I would like from them. I have no idea what I should do in this case… for all intents and purposes the £650 is still on my account and is unusable, so should I have some kind of emergency I only have £300 available to me. Should this form some part of compensation? Never mind the stress, anxiety and annoyance of being passed around, given false information and also the fact that they shouldn’t have authorised these transactions in the first place? Surely the delivery address is different, 3 transactions within minutes of each other should have rang alarm bells no? If anyone can advise me I;d be very grateful. I’m almost at the end of my tether


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