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I’ve been offered the option of using Visa Checkout on a site that manages payments to my kids’ schools (ParentPay). I’ve never come across this before.

Obviously ParentPay aren’t going to recommend something they think is dangerous or insecure, but I want to know, how secure is Visa Checkout? How new is it? Have the initial problems with it been ironed out (there always are some of those)?

PayPal I know and have been using it for years. With that I get a view of the URL and can visually verify that it’s the PayPal site I’m on, not a fraudulent clone. What security is there in Visa Checkout that enables me to see that I’ve not been falsely redirected?

I’ve not heard (can’t find online) any bad news about it, so I can’t see that it’s a glaring problem, but a search for ‘How safe is Visa Checkout’ brings up lots of Visa pages and not a lot else. Visa will naturally put the best possible gloss on things. I need to know if there are any problems with it.

I’m always careful before I sign up to something that affects how my money might be accessed by third parties. Does anyone out there know about this?


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