WARNING! – General Accident online policy


The policy is cheap, but for good reason! So please think twice before taking a policy like this out. If you need to contact them to change something urgently, it is virtually impossible. My policy had about four days to renewal when my son’s car broke down, so tried to add him for remainder of current policy – having already paid them in full for the next year too. The online form didn’t work, rang them and was told it could be done but would have to pay online with my usual payment method. Waited 24 hours for the link before I could pay, then used PayPal. Had no confirmation from them that he’d been added so tried to ring again, but when I put my policy number in, a recorded message told me I wasn’t eligible for phone contact because it was an online policy and cut me off. Was checking my online documents and looking for messages several times a day but still no documents. I emailed them, received an automated reply telling me my query would be dealt with in 48 hours. It was, but not with an answer to the simple question I’d asked I.e. where is the cover note or why hasn’t my son’s name not been added to my policy. There followed a few days of me checking the policy online and sending yet more unanswered emails until the policy actually expired and I had basically paid them the money but he hadn’t been added, which was very inconvenient and frustrating. Emailed them again several times with the same nonsense replies until I asked for a complaint to be put in. A customer service rep eventually called me and said she had read through the many emails herself and couldn’t quite believe the way it had been handled, she didn’t know why the documents hadn’t been updated and couldn’t apologise enough for the bad service. I cancelled the new policy as just didn’t trust them anymore and they gave me my money back (less the days I’d used) which was fine. She also offered me £30 compensation which I wasn’t bothered about, just wanted someone to look into it as it was a ridiculous way to conduct business. Two weeks later I had a letter from their customer service complaints team telling me that the documents were in my online portfolio all along so I could have checked them there, totally contradicting what the previous team member had told me and basically telling me I just hadn’t looked! !!!128545;

So it looks like it’s not just the call centre staff who need a bit more training.


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