Water leaked into downstairs flat


We recently had a leaky kitchen tap repaired by a plumber – he also fitted something to the pipework under the sink that would allow us to isolate the kitchen tap in future.

Two days later at half 11 at night a knock on my flat door, downstairs tenants saying water is leaking from my flat into their kitchen. Naturally alarmed and asked if it has just started happening, she said no it’s been leaking for the past 2 days. This annoyed me slightly as that morning I had even passed her in the corridor of the building and she didn’t even mention it to me then.

Turned off stop tap, plumber came back next day and fixed it. He wasn’t entirely sure what had caused the leak, seemed to think it was an old red washing machine hose that isn’t used these days?

The flat below us is rented out and the letting agent company have posted a letter to us saying we need to pay them and they have the number of a contracted to paint the flat. We pay a monthly leasehold charge to a leasehold company that includes buildings insurance. We asked them to contact the insurance company. They said it’s £100 excess but they’ll only charge us £60 to use their contractor.

Do we have to pay to repaint their kitchen? The damage would not have been as bad if the tenant informed us of the leak when she first noticed 2 days prior. Does the letting agent downstairs claim off the buildings insurance? We weren’t negligent – the damage was purely accidental.

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