What do I do with these faulty headphones?


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So everyone I need your advice…

I bought a rather expensive pair of wireless headphone last month and the paint coating on the internal surface is already starting to wear. I feel like doesnt represent the quality I would expect of the item or has it lasted a reasonable length of time.

So I emailed the company I bought them from stated that I would like a refund/repair/replacement but preferably a replace in line with my consumer rights. They responded by saying they would happily send it to the manufacturer under the manufacturing warranty. However the manufacturers will inspect them and if the deem them to be a manufacturing defect and not wear and tear etc they will replace them.

Maybe Im wrong but I feel that this may lead to an outcome of whatever the manufacturer decides and that the seller is absolving any of their responsibility. Surely the seller should just replace them as the contract is between me and the seller and then its up to them to deal with the manufacturer

Alternatively should I go through my credit card, get a refund then buy a new pair?

Thanks for all your input in advance


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