What ‘e-wallet’ can I upload MasterCard funds to?


Hoping someone here can help!

I have an online account with a digital payment service, its called ‘FirstChoice Pay’.

The currency is in dollars and its based in the states, but they have customers all over the world. Well unfortunately they are closing for business and have sent out emails saying all funds need to be ‘spent or withdrawn’ by the end of June.

The problem is, when you ‘withdraw’ funds to a cash point or do a bank wire transfer, there are ridiculously high conversion fees! I would never do this before and simply used the funds I had left on there to make purchases with, as that takes the true exchange rate. I am going to use the mastercard provided for purchases on everything now till the company closes, but I am still going to have funds left over as I have a couple of thousand dollars on the card.

What I once did about a year was upload some to my ‘Skrill’ account, this acted on my FirstChoice account as a ‘purchase’, therefore giving the true exchange rate which would be perfect however I cannot do that now as Skrill for some reason have stopped accepting MasterCards to upload funds, I have also checked another e-wallet called ‘Neteller’ and their site says they stopped accepting MasterCard in January!

Not sure what other options their are.


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