What happens to any cashback when cancelling a credit card?


That’s what I thought.

I probably don’t need to close it, but feel I should.

I currently have 5 cards in total, with limits of 4k, 6k x 2, 7k, and 8k (31K in total), with about 16K of 0% BT deals on three of those. First of those deals expires in January, and will be about 5.5k by then, with the next expiring in March (just over 4k by then).
I also have about 14k on vehicle finance, and 1600 on a 0% purchase loan.

I’d like to get things moved before December, so realistically total debt by then should be sub 30k, and I make about 33k a year.

It’s the 5.5k expiring in January that is my main concern, as I’ve got a monthly saver account that matures in March which will cover most of the 4K on the second deal to expire.

My final backup plan if I can’t get another 0% deal, is to go down the loan route, but I’d rather have the 0% option with some flexibility on how quickly/slowly I can repay it.


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