What house insurance do I buy if I am moving abroad and renting out the property?


I need to renew my home insurance this month, and will be using the regular MSE tricks. I’m a little confused about what to buy though, and I don’t want to buy the wrong thing or miss out.

I currently live in a property I own with a mortgage. I have a joint buildings and contents insurance policy. I need to renew by the end of the month. I am moving abroad in September-ish, and intend to let out the property. I haven’t taken any steps towards doing that yet.

Should I buy another joint buildings and contents insurance, and then cancel in a few months, getting a refund for the remaining years? I note there is usually an admin fee of around £50. Last year my housing insurance was £154, so that would be a big chunk of the total price.

Should I buy buildings and landlords insurance now, and would it cover me living at the property for the next couple of months?

Should I buy separate policies, and would buildings insurance continue to apply if the occupants of the building changed from a live-in-owner to a tenant?

Mortgage started at £318,000 in June 2016. Original MF – 2041
2017 OPs: £7000/£7000
Mortgage in Nov 2017 – £297,808


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