What insurance should cover balcony doors in a Flat?


I recently bought a flat with a balcony door which was always a bit dodgy since I moved in, but now requires some repair work as the handle isn’t working at all. I am wondering whether damage of any kind to the doors might be covered by either the buildings insurance which is included in the service charge, or if it would fall under contents insurance… or is this neither of those?

More generally, I think this is my responsibility to pay for rather than the building manager getting it fixed through insurance… but I would like for some advice on how to make sure this is the case before I go ahead and shell out hundreds of pounds (~£800 based on quotes I’ve had so far) of my own money to get the door fixed.

The question about insurance is also to cover us in case the contractor who comes in to make repairs ends up doing any more expensive damage, as this is already an expensive problem to be having.


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