What Is A Special Condition


Having saved myself a large sum of money by comparing my car insurance I am trying to do the same with my Buildings and Contents .Presently I am with Direct Line and 4 years ago they upped the excess for claims due to water damage following a couple of claims which I made after there was a water leak from the flat above from a washing machine and then a toilet feed. In neither case would the other parties insurers pay me as they didn’t regard the owners as having been negligent .

What I need to know is about this increase in my excess….there have been no claims since it was imposed and nor are there likely to be any . Filling in the details on comparison sites it asks if I have ever had any special conditions imposed and I said NO and got my results which are almost £400 a year less than I am paying now .I then changed that to YES and the quotes increased considerably despite it not asking what these conditions were . Personally I have never regarded this excess increase as a “special condition”
I have tried searching in Google to establish exactly what a “special condition” is but failed so far .
Anyone any idea if insurers regard an excess increase in these circs as a “special condition” or suggest how I deal with it .


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