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Hi all I come to this forum all the time searching for advice, a lot of smart people here and i take notice.

Basically I have just got a Barclays platinum credit card with 0% for balance transfers and purchases for 27 months.I have had an Aqua card for a couple of years, which I use a lot and pay in full every month. The Aqua is due the payment of around 600, my idea was to pay this in full and start using the Barclaycard for my future purchases, shopping etc, (not having to pay lump sum every month)

I’m now in two minds to balance transfer from the Barclaycard to the Aqua, or just pay the Aqua in full and use the Barclaycard as planned for purchasing (doing without cash)

My credit rating is fair, and I don’t want to hurt it, does a balance transfer effect it? what would you do?

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