What's a reasonble time for Travel Claim?


I’ve made a claim as I had to cancel a holiday due to one of the insured falling ill – hospital ill not just a cold.

I chased the claim after a week as I’d heard nothing and was told it can take 20 days. I called again at 20 days and was told it was 20 working days. So I called again at 20 working days and was told it’s 26 working days. I chased again at 26 working days and was told they’d issue a case review which takes 13 working days.

I decided to chase again today to understand what a case review was. Apparently it’s an email asking the claims handler to let me know what they’re doing and the 13 working days has now changed to an estimated working days.

So even if they paid up on at the end of these 13 days it will have been 3 months since I put the claim in.


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