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I’ve recently got an MBNA card 0% spends for 24 months and now wish to bin some of my old sub prime cards. I have:

Vanquis – 8 year old card, 39.9% APR, £3500 credit limit

Aqua – 3 year old card, 49.9% APR, £4000 credit limit

Capital One – 1 year old card, 19.9% APR, £500 credit limit

All have no balance.

I also have a Next catalogue account with a £5000 limit (surprised at that, I thought the limit was lower but post here can be patchy) and balance is also £0.

Which cards would you bin?

I don’t have any other credit, the only other things on my credit file is my phone contract and my current account (overdraft facility that I don’t use).

Ideally I’d like to bin Vanquis due to an ongoing dispute with my name (got married 18 months ago and they won’t change the name on my account even though they’ve had 2 copies of my marriage certificate) and some dodgy dealings with their insurance product but I’m also aware that this is my oldest financial product.

Thoughts? My salary is £19000


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