Who is liable for repairs due to a leak in a flat due to poor plumbing?


I am looking for some advice for an complex issue around leaking from our flat.
We purchased our 4th floor flat a year ago, and since then have had reports of 3 leaks from different plumbing points in the flat and have organised for repairs to be done accordingly (painting and plastering etc.) where we can see the damage.

The issue is, it appears the entire building has poor plumbing and has done from when it was built around 10 years ago. The lady in the flat below where we have leaked, explained she owns another property in the building that has been leaked into by another flat and likewise her flat has leaked into the property below. She also explained the previous owner had paid for repairs to her flat many times before and organised for a handyman to come out and paint whenever there was a leak.

My question is, if the leaks are not caused by something we are doing e.g. leaving a bath to overflow or having a disconnected washing machine then who is liable for the repairs? I cannot see that we should continue to have to pay out for repairs for the property below when the issue is caused by the poor plumbing installed in the building. Just to add, we had a plumber come out to look into one leak and he advised the pipes that were fitted originally should not have been installed in a flat with 2 bathrooms as they are too small – in this case should the company who built the property/building management be responsible for these repairs?

Any help would be appreciated .



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