Whose Car Insurance Should I Claim Against?


Hi All,

On Saturday evening a car collided with my car parked on the side of the road, which pushed my car into my other car. The car that took the brunt of the collision is a little Smart Fortwo, which to me, looks like it will be written off as the rear wheel axle is badly twisted.

Out other car, our T5 Camper has body work damage but should be fixable.

The driver accepted liability, I know this doesn’t mean her insurance will, but our cars were parked. When we came out of the house she was still sat in the car and we have pictures of her behind the steering wheel.

Now I need to get the ball rolling but unsure how to proceed. The camper can be repaired, fine. I could just go through her insurance. But, should the Smart be written off, who is likely to value my (15 month since I purchased it) car more accurately? I had virtually the same accident happen 2 years ago but the person had been drinking. On that occasion I rang my insurance and ended up going down the Accident Management Company route, which is still ongoing and it is currently looking like I’ll be going to court over that one…

Any advice would be most welcome. Just feeling a bit confused by the best way to move forward.



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