Will I have to cover the fees n case of chargeback? Confused


First time in.the forums
Sometime ago, my boyfriend booked for me a stay in a fancy hotel abroad for my birthday. And a few days ago, we argued really badly and in ended up in a break up. He said he will file a chargeback with his credit card company to get back the money hotel booking (it was an advance purchase rate, his card already got charged). Im already in said country and my check in date in within a few days, however this situation makes me a little bit nervous, if the chargeback comes through while Im staying at the hotel, will I be asked to cover the room fees from my own pocket…?
I know I will have to give my own card at check in for preathorisation to cover any incidentals (mini bar etc ), which Im happy to comply with, however I wanna be sure they will not charge it with room fees in case of chargeback from my boyfriend’s card originally used for payment.

This is a big and reputable hotel chain and my fears may be unfounded, just not entirely sure how all this system works…

Thanks for any help!


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