Worth claiming for accidental damage?


My sister’s kids knocked over her TV and the screen cracked – there are now large areas of white and green so you can’t use it any more. Luckily she has accidental damage cover on electricals. She bought it in April 2014 for £470 but it was in perfect condition before the accident. Presumably an insurer would struggle to replace the screen economically? Is she likely to end up with a refurbished second hand TV? A new equivalent model would be £450 but doesn’t have 3D, which is frustrating as she bought quite a few 3D films.

She has only had the policy 3 months, the premium was only £120 – will the premium go up substantially? She has a £100 excess I think. Is it worth claming for basically a £350 net loss?

She wouldn’t realistically be able to switch insurers for 5 years, even if she didn’t take out accidental cover on the new policy? I mean the question “have you had any claims in the last 5 years” would be applicable even though the loss would have been under a section you might not be buying again?

Thanks in advance for your advice, I haven’t made a claim myself for over 10 years and that was a theft of a bicycle so it was fairly straight forward, I don’t think my premium went up at all, although after excess it was only about £150 I received from the insurer.


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