Worth claiming on pet insurance?


I have Classic Lifetime cat insurance with Pet Plan, which covers any illness for life. I recently took her to the vets because there was blood in her litter tray, and she’s fine now but it’s cost almost £300 and I was wondering whether it was worth claiming in the long run.

She’d be covered for this condition for life, but does anyone know if it affects claims for other digestive issues? She had a sore on her neck from a vaccination before I first insured her, so now she’ll never get cover for any skin condition, I don’t know if this is the same. Also, would a £240 claim after excess have much effect on premiums? I’m currently paying about £25 a month so if it goes up by £10 a month I’m losing out after two years.

Obviously I’m not paying Pet Plan for the fun of it, but I have insurance for peace of mind in case of treatment in the thousands, so in the past I haven’t usually claimed.


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