XS Direct – Is it a scam?!


Dear Readers,

I took out an insurance policy with this company last year. I paid for it through a comparison website and it came up with “insure your motor.” I never realized this was just the broker until I had an accident in February this year.

It was a minor incident where I reversed into a car at less than 5mph. He was already close behind me so the impact was minimal. I called my insurance company (insure your motor) who redirected me to XS Direct. This is the first time I heard of them.When I called them they informed me that I had an all section excess of £3000 which meant I was liable to pay up to this sum which I never realized.

They than called me a few days later saying the other party was claiming for injury so they sent someone to investigate my car and take pictures.

I did not hear from them again until this week (3 months later). They said they posted a letter to me (which I never received) so they emailed me on Thursday stating it was the last date of payment for the full £3000. I was shocked! I was abroad so I called them on my return on Friday. They agreed to give me another 2 weeks to sort out the payment, but advised if I paid before the end of the month they could give me a 10% discount which I found quite strange.

I asked them to send me a break down of the charges thinking I was paying for injury compensation but when they sent me the breakdown the total amount was all for repair works carried out on the car. I think they have made all of this up! But not sure what to do…Do I have to pay? Is there any way around this? Anyone else dealt with this company before? Pls help!


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