You can't make it up


Just come off the phone with Tescobank re: my car insurance

I’d recently sold my car but forgot to cancel the insurance -I always pay in full upfront and it expires Nov ’18 so I rang to cancel it, bit late for last months money but at least I’d get oct/nov’s money back right?

Girl stated I’d get £22 back….not much but still?…oh and there’s an admin fee of £40 for the cancellation. After asking her to repeat this statement I said forget it I’d leave it run down but apparently that is not allowed- as I’m breaking the law by insuring a car I no longer own! She’d email the documentation for me to cancel

Wait? So I’m going to pay £40 for notifying TescoBank that I’m going to carry out the admin myself online??

To add salt into the wounds I’m struggling to access the documentation online – I’ve forgotten the online password and when I tried to reset it -the mobile no it sends a code to is incorrect. So I’ll need to pay for another phone call to fix that

Is it me…….


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