Young driver doesn’t want to go through insurance for an accident?


My car was hit from behind today whilst I was waiting to pull out of a junction. The driver admitted fault and was very apologetic but he said he’d prefer to pay for the damage and not go through his insurance. He provided me with his name and contact details but he was so apologetic and upset that I felt sorry for him, and I told him that I would do my best to avoid this. I did however advise him that I would need to notify my insurance company, but said that I would advise them not to pursue a claim unless I instructed otherwise. I did intend to do this, however, when I rang them up they said I had to provide the other drivers contact details? When I asked them what they intended to do with this they said the information would be passed through to the other drivers insurance company. I panicked and rang off because I didn’t want to get him into trouble. But what will happen if I don’t notify them and he changes his mind or can’t afford to pay? (the damage looks quite substantial to my eyes, the boot and the bumper are badly dented, not to mention the damage to his car!)
I am also worried because I texted him this evening to tell him I have booked in for a quote tomorrow and he immediately texted back and said he has also ‘passed my details on to ‘someone’ and that they will be in touch??
I just feel really confused about how best to proceed. Should I just contact my insurance and let them handle everything?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated?


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